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Participation of women in creating healthy milieu and protecting the same is undoubtedly the key to the success of any eco-development programme. It must be stressed that traditionally it is woman, who plays an important role in conserving nature. She is also the one  who bears the brunt of environmental degradation Therefore educating women in environment related issues is very important.

C.P.R. Environmental Education Centre has been working with women under the ‘Women and Eco-development’ programme, which is a part of the rural eco-development initiative. The programme conceives and encourages the direct involvement of women in the protection of the environment.

Women and Environment


  • Increasing the understanding of women on environmental issues
  • Promoting women’s participation in environmental decision- making
  • Motivating women to adopt best environmental practices
  • Training the women on income-generating activities such as nursery raising, vermicomposting, paper-bag making and smokeless chulha construction, that will serve as an additional incentive for them to participate in eco-development projects
  • Increasing women’s awareness about health and nutrition

Programme Impacts during the year 2010-11
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