Waste management is the process of managing waste material. The aim of waste management is to prevent or reduce the impact of waste materials on human beings and their environment. Most areas in India lack a good waste management system. Open roadside dumps are a common sight in both rural and urban areas.

Over the past several years, waste management has emerged as one of CPREEC's focus areas. The centre promotes the segregation of degradable and non-degradable wastes and vermicomposting in all its environmental education workshops / programmes.

Training programme for women on vermicomposting


  • Biomedical Waste Management Programme in Karnataka (along with EMPRI), 2005-06
  • Making Nilgiris plastic-free (along with the Nilgiri District Administration), 2005.
  • Annual exhibitions in the year 2005 focused on the theme of 'Waste Management'.
    • E-wastes
    • Nature wastes nothing
    • Bio-medical waste management
    • Solid waste management
  • Cleaning campaign at Corbyn's Cove Beach and Mount Harriet National Park, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 2002.
  • Clean Mamalla – Green Mamalla (in collaboration with the Directorate of Environment, Government of Tamilnadu), 2001.