Training on People’s Biodiversity Register

People's Biodiversity Registers (PBR) are used to document folk knowledge of status, uses, history, ongoing changes and forces driving changes in biodiversity resources.

A number of PBRs have been prepared in different parts of India through initiatives of NGOs and educational institutions working with local communities and village councils. These attempts have been motivated by a desire to promote decentralised systems of management of natural resources and to create the basis for equitable sharing of benefits of commercial utilisation of folk knowledge of uses of biodiversity.

The Karnataka State Office of CPREEC in collaboration with the Environmental Management and Policy Research Institute (EMPRI), Bangalore conducted a series of 7 training programmes for Panchayat members of Dakshin Kannada and Udipi districts on preparing People’s Biodiversity Registers at the Panchayat levels.  The effort was well-appreciated and has also been accepted as a model for other states.