Programme Impacts during the year 2008-09

  The success of women and eco development programme can be measured by :
The establishment of seed banks in 17 villages in the districts of Villupuram, Salem, Vellore, and Dindigul districts in Tamil Nadu and 5 villages in Andhra Pradesh.
Composting of bio-degradable garbage in all the 17 participating villages of Tamil Nadu.
The raising of 3000 saplings of six different tree species including teak, subabul, soap nut and pungam (Indian beech tree) which were planted around the tribal villages of Andhra Pradesh.
The Lambada tribes of Mutrajpally village, Kowdpally mandal, Medak district, Andhra Pradesh learnt the nursery raising techniques. As a result they themselves raised the seedlings and distributed them.
The marketing of mangoes by tribal families from the nursery established by CPREEC.
The total women beneficiaries in the state of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka were 779 and 195 respectively.
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