Sampling Procedure
Testing your water and soil sample could not be easier. All you have to do is collect the sample in a closed container and send it to us. You can have the reports three days after we receive the sample.

Instructions for collecting water samples:

Well water
The sample should be collected from the middle of the well. Take a clean bucket tied with a long rope. Immerse it in the middle of the well, wait for a few minutes and then pull up quickly.

Tap water

When taking a sample of piped water, the pipe line should be flushed for 5 minutes.
Borewell water
For borewell water, pump out water for five minutes before collecting the sample. The sample should be collected directly from the source and not water pumped and stored in overhead tanks.
Water samples can be collected in plastic bottles.
Instructions for collecting soil samples

Only a minute fraction of the large soil mass is used for testing. Therefore, it is important to have a truly representative sample.

Collect samples from at least four different spots per acre from the depth of 6 to 12 inches. Collect
  atleast 500 gms of the soil sample.
Dry the soil in a cool place, away from sunlight.
After drying, mix well.
Powder large lumps and also remove stones, weeds and leaves.
Collect the sample in a plastic container.
Water sample for microbial analysis must be collected in the sterile bottle given at our laboratory and must reach the laboratory within 6-10 hours of sample collection.
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