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Information regarding various topics listed beside has been compiled with a view to the age and academic level of the reader. Three levels of information viz. basic, intermediate and advanced are available.
Level Age Group Standard / Grade
Basic 7 - 9 years III - V
Intermediate 10 - 12 years VI - VIII
Advanced 13 and above IX - XII

The basic and intermediate levels are supported by animated pictures in order to capture the interest of children.

The advanced level of any topic provides more than sufficient information for not only children above 12 years of age but for anybody who wants to learn more about the subject.

Environmental Education has become an essential part of the learning process and is necessary to ensure a healthy environment for the future. The Centre has been working in this field since 1981 and much of the material has developed out of the needs and the materials available in India and elsewhere in South Asia. Thus the information given pertains primarily to the South Asian environment and climatic pattern. However, it enshrines universal ideas which are developed from years of field work and experience.