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Environmental Law

Environmental laws play a vital role in the control of environmental pollution and conservation. Environmental laws with its claws, paws and jaws, are formulated to preserve and protect our environment.

Awareness and understanding of the Constitutional provisions, environmental laws and related procedures ensure better implementation of these legislations. This would help a community to respond to the changing need of societies and make its citizens responsible to conserve the environment.

With that view in mind, CPREEC introduces training in environmental law in 1990. This has now been formalized into the Centre for Environmental Law Education.
Familiarize key target groups (Judiciary, Advocates, Academicians, Law Students, NGOs and Industries) about the existing environmental legislations at regional, national and global levels by conducting classes, seminars and workshops
Update them about the latest legal developments in the field
Provide legal assistance to those who promote projects and legal research in the field of environment.
Promote environmental law as a tool for sustainable development

The Centre for Environmental Law Education, CPREEC provides the following services:

Enviro-legal consultancy services to litigants, academicians, etc.
Assistance to research scholars and students on environmental law
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment
Online consultancy services to people of all walks of life on their local environmental problems
The Centre also has a data bank of environmental laws, notifications and judicial pronouncements.