C.P.R. Environmental Education Centre (CPREEC) is a Centre of Excellence of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC), Government of India, established jointly by the Ministry and the C.P. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation.

The Centre has been a pioneer in environmental education efforts in South India and has conducted a variety of programmes to spread awareness and interest among the masses.

Our Mission Statement

C.P.R. Environmental Education Centre (CPREEC) strives to increase awareness and knowledge of key target groups (school children, local communities, woman etc.) about the various aspects of environment.

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CPREEC received 13th Annual Sir J.C. Bose Memorial Award - 2015 for its contribution in the field of promoting Environmental Awarness & Education to the Students and the Rural Population, instituted by the Indian Science Monitor, Kolkata.